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The spirit of Concept is bold, anarchic and, fiercely independent. Our story began in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, inspired by one man’s vision to create a clinic for eye examinations with great design, bespoke service and talented people at the helm. The future of advanced eye care is here.


Gosforth Clinic Page

Our Flagship Clinic

Concept Eye Clinic is an independent company founded in the North East of England. The first flagship clinic opened on Gosforth High Street, Newcastle upon Tyne in 2008. Concept provides a luxury state-of-the-art eye clinic for private and NHS patients using Zeiss lens technology and latest diagnostic optical instruments including wide field retinal imagery (250*), OCT and Zeiss iProfiler. Concept eye wear includes collections from Lindberg, Tom Ford, Oliver People, Orgreen, Ray Ban and, avant garde frames such as FEB 31st, Dita and Maui Jim sunglasses. Reflecting the needs and lifestyle of contact lens wearers, access to latest lens design, exclusive eye wear and advanced eye examinations are made affordable with Concepts bespoke vision care programmes.

Tynemouth Clinic Page

Our Coastal Clinic

Concept in Tynemouth, is just a few minutes from the sea. No.25 Front Street looks like it has stepped out of a story book. Peer through it’s windows and you are invited in to a curious world of fabulous frames holding their own magic. The décor has a rustic charm and you can’t help but notice this is a very different kind of eye clinic. Whilst offering a full eye examination, contact lens assessment and, specialist clinics for Visual Stress and Dry Eyes. Zeiss lens technology compliments frames and sunglasses from Tom Ford, Ray Ban, Oliver People and Revo to the quirky insouciance of Booth and Spruce and Bognar.

Introducing Concept’s NEW Continuous Eye-Care Programmes

Designed to give You the best in continuous eye-care and access to leading lens technology.Each plan is designed to suit your lifestyle and eye-care needs. Whether you are a contact lens wearer, love stylish frames or simply want peace of mind for continuous care, we have the perfect eye-care programme for you!

  • 2x FREE Designer Frames
  • Spectacle Insurance
  • 15% Off All Lenses
  • Advanced Eye & Contact Lens Examination

Contact your local Concept Eye Clinic to find out how luxury in eye-care can be affordable and bespoke to You. Our lowest priced plan starts at £5.99 per month.T&C's Apply.


Concept has a social ethos about community and relationship with our environment. Reducing our plastic footprint is only part of the story. For over a decade, we’ve worked closely with charities, trusts and care providers to address social health inequalities Why? Because healthy eyes make all the difference to a person’s quality of life and dignity and, we believe that access to quality vision care is a human health right. With our Advanced Eye Examination at Concept, our patients can benefit from preventative care before a problem emerges. Our optometrists assess disease and pathology, optimise vision and even save lives. Working with local charities such as ‘Changing Lives’ https://www.changing-lives.org.uk/corporate-support/life-changing-healthcare-from-concept-eye-clinic/  we invest in serving those that need us most. Our ‘Eye for an Eye’ campaign invites you to bring in your old spectacles (not cases) and we will make a vision care donation to help some of the most vulnerable people in our society Did you know? According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), An estimated 253 million people live with vision impairment Africa has 73% more blind and visually impaired people than any other region in the world. Working with local Ministries of Health and Education, Vision Aid Overseas is currently supporting four countries across Africa to establish and deliver their own sustainable eye care services. With an increasing population of older people,...

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(Eye Examination for sight changes, health reasons and replacement glasses)
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