A Guide to Determining Your Facial Shape

The shape of your face can make or break how a pair of spectacles look on you. You may have noticed that some people can pull off strong shape and coloured frames whereas others need something softer and neutral. Determining your facial shape is fairly straight forward once you know which features to look for.

There are several facial shapes and the better known are round, square, oblong, diamond and triangular. All have prominent features which will assist you in which facial shape you have.

Round Face

If you have a round face your cheekbones and face length have a similar measurement. They are larger than your forehead and jawline, which also have a similar measurement. The angle of your jaw is soft.

Celebrities with a round face:

Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore and Kate Bosworth


Square Face

For those who have a square face all measurements are fairly similar. The angle of your jaw is particularly sharp.

Celebrities with a square face:

Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston and Katie Holmes


Rectangle Face

You will know that your face is rectangular if your face length is largest. Your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline will be similar in size.

Celebrities with a rectangular face:

Gisele Bundchen, Liv Tyler and Teri Hatcher


Diamond Face

If your face length is largest then you may have a diamond shaped face. To determine this in descending size order: cheekbones, forehead are the largest with the smallest feature being your jawline. Your chin is pointed.

Celebrities with a diamond face:

Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and David Beckham


Triangular Face

For those of you who have a triangular face you will have a large jawline, smaller cheekbones, with your forehead being your narrowest feature. To have a triangular face it can be any length.

Celebrities with a triangular face:

Victoria Beckham, Scarlett Johannson and Chloe Moretz

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