Ask the Optometrist

Q. How does the optometrist know the type of varifocal I need?
The better your optician knows what visual conditions are important or particular to your day-to-day life – including your medical history, the better they can advise you and configure your varifocal glasses. Consulting with your optician is crucial because everything may be possible but not with every pair of glasses.

Q. What happens after my consultation?
Your optician has taken your history and conducted a thorough eye examination. Many people think that at this point everything else will go smoothly. Yet it is the perfect centration i.e. knowing how exactly your lenses fit into the spectacle frames and where you look through them – that transforms a pair of varifocal glasses into a masterpiece. At J.H Wilson we don’t leave anything to chance.

Q. I’ve got my new glasses but it’s taking me time to adjust to them
This is perfectly normal. Once you have started wearing your new glasses, it may take a few days or several weeks until you’ve got used to your new varifocal glasses. If you are still having difficulties adjusting after this period, contact your optometrist, and they will be able to help you.

“Book your eye examination today and ask your optometrist about varifocals. Call 01896 823 223.”