At Concept we believe – It’s how you see rather than what you see We believe in the art and science of Maui Jim

Named after a fisherman who sold sunglasses on the shores of the Hawaiian island almost 40 years ago, Maui Jim is the third largest global manufacturer of sunglasses (behind Oakley and RayBan). There are good reasons for this. At Concept Eye Clinic in Gosforth, we can think of at least three:

1. Protection from UV

People buy sunglasses for fashion, function or protection.
The most damaging light is UV. Reflective UV is just as damaging as direct UV. In fact, 100% of all UV, UVAB and HEV (blue light 97%) are effectively blocked by Maui Jim polarised lenses. Cleverly, the lens maximises the blue light we really need. The Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF) approached and recommended Maui Jim as a highly effective global UV protector for eye wear due to the fact that 8-10% of all skin cancers occur on the eye lid.

2. Protection from Glare

Most people use sunglasses for driving. There is a misconception that the darker the lens, the more protection is offered. Not true! Maui Jim uses a polarised film which is one of the most efficient on the market to reduce 99.9% glare. The norm with most other brands is 50%. A bi-gradient mirror replicates the eyes and relaxes vision. This means your eyes are not working as hard. On top of this, all Maui Jim sunglasses have anti- reflective coating and are completely scratch resistant.

3. Lens Colour for saturation

All Maui Jim lenses combine rare elements to saturate colour for enhanced and sustained colour perception. Every lens can be customised and is infused with these elements. Rose and Green are actually the most relaxing colours on the eyes and we urge you to try and see for yourself! The Maui HT Green allows for high transmission and is excellent for golf and cycling. The Neutral Grey has a blue mirror underneath and only allows 10% of light to filter through.

With it’s own laboratory for lens manufacturing and quality control, perhaps a fourth good reason we pitch for this extraordinary brand, is their environmental commitment to zero waste production.

Concept Eye Clinic is a high street opticians that thinks globally and offers our customers the best we can source locally. Visit us to find out more about the new Concept Collection Maui Jim.


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