Eye Hygiene Plan Exclusive to Tynemouth patients

Keeping on top of our eye health regime for a debilitating condition is now within the accessible realms through a visit to your local opticans. That’s us! If you suffer from any of these eye symptoms: dryness, itching, crusting or inflammation, you may have blepharitis or ‘dry eye’ disease. Don’t worry. The good news is that this can be treated through an indepth hygiene service by BlephEx, and we are offering this exclusively to our Concept Eye Clinic, Tynemouth patients. BlephEx helps reduce or alleviate debilitating eye symptoms and eliminate the inflammatory causes to improve the overall health of your eye lid. The medical treatment is painless, leaves your eyes feeling refreshed, replensished and is repeated at regular intervals. We will also advise you how to maintain your complete lid hygiene in between treatments. 

Option 1
You can pay for a single BlephEx treatment + free after care products for £99
Option 2
You can pay a monthly fee of £7.99 for 6 monthly BlephEx treatments + free after care products.

Please ask Sam for more details either by calling this number: 0191 296 6124 or send Sam an email at Tynemouth@concepteyeclinic.com