Get ready this winter for DITA!

Luxury has a new name at Concept. Our new collection is a brand that defies convention and has earned a coveted reputation for beautiful craftsmanship, elegant design and discreet…well…luxury. Serving some of the worlds most elite and discerning clientele, DITA challenges the old guard, and has forged relationships within culture, style, sport, and fashion for those ‘in the know’, affirming the brands position as individual as the product it creates.
At Concept, as you know, we are rather discerning about the brands we choose. With DITA we have found something rather special.
It takes months for the DITA design team to create a pair of frames. From innovative ultra-thin acetates in the DITA-FEATHERLIGHT collection, to the stainless-steel metal core lamination technique found in DITA-LAMINATE, or the character frames defined within the DITA-SERIES collection, the list of DITA’s innovations in eyewear is impressive. You can certainly feel it’s magic when you hold it in your hands.
DITA is simply in a league of it’s own. Available at Concept just as you like.
Or, better still as you prepare for the festive season, enjoyed as part of the bespoke benefits of your Eye Care Programme.

Open for Essential Eye Care
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(Eye Examination for sight changes, health reasons and replacement glasses)
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