About Concept

The Concept Story

All began in the North East of England with one man’s vision to provide a gold standard in eye care. Drawn by the elegance and attentiveness of the continental luxury consumer experience, Concept was created to offer a distinctive approach to eye examinations with high quality instruments and a relaxed ambience.

In 2008, the flagship Concept clinic opened its doors in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. In its wake, a second Concept Eye Clinic was launched in Tynemouth in 2013.

Concept work with Zeiss instruments to take precise optical measurements and an advanced screening system to check the health of your eyes. Investment in lens technology is predicated on accuracy and optimum results. The ‘story behind the frame’ is a central narrative. Frames have a personality, are avant-garde, retro, and often handmade with unusual craftsmanship.

The spirit of Concept is bold and inspired by great design, people and vision. The story is also a human one, based on relationship and trust.

Eye Examinations

At Concept, our investment in clinical technology is designed to give you the very best experience we can, with unprecedented attention to detail. In many cases, a symptom-led or problem oriented approach is too late. We believe in accuracy, screening and prevention. Our optometrists are attuned to convey technical information without jargon. Your advanced eye examination takes place in a specially designed cinema theatre to display and guide you through ocular imagery and information from the comfort of their chair.

Theatre One – Space Age Technology

Through your eyes..

We are on this journey together and, it’s all about communication. You can now see what our optometrist’s can see. What is relayed to you is much more than a prescription change. You are invited to experience the science and art of an optometrist through your eyes. Theatre 1 is constructed as a specially designed cinema screen to display and guide you through real imagery of your eyes,: 360 degrees and underneath the surface and information from the comfort of your chair. The Concept advanced eye examination now takes the patient experience to a different space age level. space age Quite simply, our investment in clinical technology is predicated on our investment in you.

We can now assess and even predict disease, count nerve fibres and accurately diagnose eye conditions and optimise vision. Even with healthy eyes, it’s prudent to get a baseline measurement. We can now not only take images, but we can atomise your eyes to its component layers to reveal something uniquely individual to you.

Contact Lenses

See Near, See Far and In-between.

We can’t slow the passage of time, but we can enhance your vision for the future. Presbyopia affects all of us after the age of 40 when, with the natural process of ageing. It’s at this stage that most people will stop wearing contact lenses due to experiencing discomfort, tiredness, eyestrain and dryness.

At Concept, we specialise in contact lenses with a passion to provide the best solution for your needs. We have helped many existing contact lens wearers make the transition to a seamless visual experience by offering an alternative to bifocals or reading glasses. Whether it’s your first time or you simply need contact lenses for sports or leisure, the lenses we choose for you are revolutionary in optical design and comfort.

Our Concept Eye Care Programme now offers more choice and flexibility to reflect your needs and lifestyle. Be assured, you will see the difference.


Our frames are chosen with You in mind.

From the sophistication of Chopard, Lindberg and Dita, the quirky insouciance of LGR to the Danish and Swiss understatement of Orgreen and Gotti - the people who make titanium sexy and feather light. At Concept, detail, technology and craftsmanship influence what we showcase.

From Oliver Peoples and RayBan, to the magical Hawaiian hues of Maui Jim, or iconic sunglasses and dare devil glamour from Mr Ford himself. To the quintessential British ‘New Look’ from Paul Smith, it’s all about confidence with style.

With edgy and eclecticism, our February 31st collection is sustainable, made from beautiful wood with bespoke shade and grain, whilst the Vinylize series is made from upcycled vinyle records resplendent in a kitsch 45” case.

At Concept, urban chic and vintage glamour are aligned with a cool vision in eyewear. There’s a frame here waiting for you.