Je suis amoureux ROVA

We’ve all worn sunglasses on our head or fumbled for them in our bags en route to destination sun, well now you’re in for a treat at Concept Eye Clinic in Gosforth. Our exclusive new collection ROAV sunglasses and everyday spectacles straight from the golden straits of California, blend foldable pocket technology with slick design.

The clever people at ROAV say: “The eyewear business is dominated by a single massive company, and they have little incentive to move beyond the bulky and breakable frame construction of yesteryear. We’ve assembled a team of designers, engineers, and eyewear veterans to wipe the drawing board clean and create frames that the 21st century deserves… At last, a miniature marvel of epic proportions!”

We at Concept concur absolutely!

You can enjoy the glamour of Tom Ford, the cool vibe of RayBan or indeed any other eponymous brand (though of course we are rather discerning about or choice of frames here..), but you can also now enjoy advanced eyewear hinge technology designed for your lifestyle and developed with ultra-durable, screw-free, spring loaded craftsmanship. ROAV sunglasses and ophthalmic eye wear is feather light and utterly unobtrusive, fitting into the smallest pocket. Unlike traditional eyewear hinges that are soldered or riveted, for ROAV this means: fewer parts to break equals fewer broken glasses.


Say goodbye to constant slippage and marks on your nose. You may actually forget you’re wearing ROAV glasses. With complete polarised protection from glare and UVA and UVB rays, what’s not to like about these little beauties. Concept world is all about clever eye wear design and lens technology, and we think ROAV are rather brilliant.


On Saturday 7th Dec we will be closing at 1pm.

We reopen Monday 9th December at 10am.