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Concept is a leading, independent company with an outstanding reputation for providing friendly and high-quality patient care. We seek talented people to work for us in the North East, Scottish Borders or the South West.

If you are people focused, highly motivated to provide first class patient care, then you will enjoy the benefits of a rewarding career with us. Concept inspires trust. You will have excellent dispensing skills, but also a warm persona and an innate, sophisticated ability to engage with our patients.

We seek someone with confidence to operate effectively and positively as a team player. Working with the very best lenses, state-of-the-art optical technology and products, you will be integral to our success with your initiative and passion

This is an exciting opportunity for an exceptional Optometrist, Dispensing Optician and Optical Assistant.

In return you will receive a fantastic working environment, a generous holiday allowance, profit share, professional development and, excellent remuneration

To apply please forward your CV and cover letter:

I am an Optometrist

Please apply to:

I am a Dispensing Optician

Please apply to

I am an Optical Assistant

(you may not have direct optical experience but perhaps significant experience within the hospitality sector. Concept is all about people. For the right candidate, we are prepared to invest in your training and development)

Please apply to

Temporary Closure: COVID-19

Operating Emergency and Essential Eyecare only.

This includes replacement glasses, deliveries and contact lens replenishment.
Gosforth: 0191 2851603         
Tynemouth: 0191 2966124

We will reply to your queries within 4 working hours.

Covid -19 FAQ's

Please visit NHS 111 online (

We offer an emergency replenishment service to our own patients . Simply email. We will ask some clinical questions in the absence of conducting a review and accordingly will arrange a delivery.

We offer an emergency reglazing service to our own patients’ frames. Simply email and we will arrange a delivery and reglazing service.

If you experience any sudden change / loss in your vision, pain, redness, flashes and floaters (black spots) in your vision or any other concerns related to your eyes, Please send us an email to If you do not have access to email, please telephone 0191 2851603. We will respond within 4 working hours with the most appropriate advice.

The latest advice for contact lens wearers is that there is no evidence to date that contact lens wear should be avoided by healthy individuals, or that contact lens wearers are more at risk of contracting coronavirus then those wearing spectacles.
To help maintain healthy contact lens wear, all contact lenses wearers should follow correct lens wear and care instructions, including thoroughly washing and drying your hands before handling, applying and removing your contact lenses. Spectacles should be washed regularly using warm soapy water. In the absence of the diagnosis of COVID-2 and in the absence of symptoms of fever, cough, red eye or discharge and provided that scrupulous hygiene is practised then contact lens wear is permissible. Social distancing ( minimum of 2m) should be exercised. Spectacle wear would be the preferred mode of sight correction or daily wear contact lens wear.

Whilst transmission is via viral respiratory particles we know that viral particles can be found in the tears and this can cause viral conjunctivitis. It is probable that the affected individual will experience primary symptoms such as fever and cough.