Receive 30% off DriveSafe Zeiss lens technology

for confident and optimum vision this winter.

At Concept we can confidently say, this is a life changing lens for the road and for your every day needs. DriveSafe Zeiss luminance design technology – with added comfort, enhances your vision in low light conditions and can reduce traffic glare by up to 64%. Driving can be stressful at the best of times. Here at Concept with our investment in the latest diagnostic instruments for your eye examination, we firmly believe that good vision is vital for safety. The entire team here have been wearing these lenses since they were introduced and, we recommend DriveSafe lenses to help provide better re-focusing on the road, between your dashboard and mirrors and perception of contrast and colour. These lenses are also brilliant for every day spectacle wearers and is available in both single and progressive lens design.

The ultimate lens test drive with Zeiss.