The Cause of Dark Circles Under The Eyes

People often assume that dark circles are caused by tiredness and lack of sleep but this in fact not always the case. Although this can be one of the causes, there are many other reasons including allergies and genetics.

Depending upon the colour of your skin dark circles can appear brown, black or blue. Although these are rarely a sign of a more serious issue, many people wish to reduce the appearance for aesthetic reasons.

Aside from tiredness and lack of sleep the most common causes for dark circles are ageing, genetics and diet. As we get older we lose the fatty tissue around our eyes and our skin begins to thin. This can result in dark circles becoming more defined.

Dark circles can also be hereditary. It is a known fact that if your family members have dark circles or puffy eyes you too are likely to suffer from them. This is due to the structure of our face.

Those who suffer from anaemia, thyroid conditions or allergies such as hay fever are more susceptible to having dark circles. By controlling these conditions dark circles can be kept at bay.

Aesthetics Expert, Dr Raph Mohammad of Dr Raphael Aesthetics said “A lot of patients come into clinic complaining of eye bags. What they mean by this is usually that they have puffy eyes or dark circles also known as a “tear trough”. The most common cause of this is either genetics or the natural ageing process. If someone has volume loss in their mid face area this can give the appearance of puffy eyes or more pronounced tear troughs. By replacing the volume loss in the tear trough area, the puffy eye appearance is reduced.”

He continued “Creams and over the counter treatments can be used to keep the thin skin under your eyes hydrated. If the cause is an allergy, sleep related or dehydration you can alter your lifestyle to improve the appearance of the puffy eyes. If the causes is genetics and signs of ageing then the only way to reduce the appearance of this is through aesthetic procedure or surgery.”

Dark circles can affect anyone of any age and ethnicity for a wide variety of reasons. There are multiple factors that all play a part in the development of dark circles. Nutrient deficiencies and underlying health conditions can cause also contribute to dark circles.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with quality sleep, a balanced diet and proper hydration will all help prevent dark circles.