The Future is Now with Theatre One

With advanced diagnostics, Concept Eye Clinic are independent leaders in vision correction, clinical screening and the management of early anterior and posterior eye conditions before it’s too late. With the very latest Zeiss instruments and lens technologies, quite simply, we believe in giving our patients a gold standard in eye care.

At Concept, it’s not just about vision..

Critically, it’s also about the health of your eyes.
A testament to the benefits of an eye examination with Concept, is the growing number of patients who have joined our eye care programme (many of whom are medical practitioners) for continuous individual and family healthcare.

Theatre One is unlike any other eye examination space. With space age technology, you can now see what your optometrist can see in real time with style and comfort and, uncompromising attention to detail. Your eye examination includes 3D retinal scanning (OCT), wide field retinal photography, anterior eye photography and iProfiler for customised Zeiss lenses. We advise this for all adults and especially those with a family history of eye-conditions or systemic conditions such as heart disease.

The Advanced Eye Examination is included in your Eye Care Programme.