The Impact of Makeup on Your Eyes

Many makeup users are completely unaware of the effects that makeup can have on your eyes and that cosmetic products including eye makeup have an expiry date.

With the Festive Season upon us and our calendars filled with social events, the majority of us will admit to jumping into bed without removing our makeup. Something which can seem completely harmless can actually have a long lasting effect on the health of our eyes.

Leaving mascara or eyeliner on overnight is going to increase the chances of bacterial and oil build up which can cause eyelid inflammation. Removing products in a rush can be equally as harmful. Failure to use the correct products to remove the makeup from your eyes will only manoeuvre any bacteria back into your eye, leading to redness, irritation and potentially infection.

Research published by the College of Optometrists identified that over half of make-up users do not check the instructions to see how long they should keep their mascara on for, with one in five confirming they didn’t know that expiry information existed for these products.

Simple steps can be put in place to minimise the damage that your makeup has on your eyes such as never sharing your makeup, always removing cosmetic products correctly and disposing of products within the time period specified on the packaging.