‘Our Coastal Clinic’

You will find our coastal Concept in Tynemouth, a few minutes from the sea. No.25 Front Street looks like it has stepped out of a story book. Peer through it’s windows and you are invited in to a curious world of fabulous frames holding their own magic and narrative. The décor has a rustic charm and you can’t help but notice this is a very different kind of opticians. Yes, they do eye examinations here too, contact lens assessments and, Blephex eye lid hygiene clinics to treat dry eyes. Zeiss lens technology alongside stylish frames and sunglasses from Oliver Peoples and Tom Ford to the quirky insouciance of Vinylize.

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25 Front St, Tynemouth, North Shields NE30 4DX


Introducing Concept’s NEW Continuous Eye-Care Programmes

Designed to give You the best in continuous eye-care and access to leading lens technology.Each plan is designed to suit your lifestyle and eye-care needs. Whether you are a contact lens wearer, love stylish frames or simply want peace of mind for continuous care, we have the perfect eye-care programme for you!

  • 2x FREE Designer Frames
  • Spectacle Insurance
  • 15% Off All Lenses
  • Advanced Eye & Contact Lens Examination

Contact your local Concept Eye Clinic to find out how luxury in eye-care can be affordable and bespoke to You. Our lowest priced plan starts at £5.99 per month.T&C's Apply.

Did You Know?

The Twilight Clinic
Later Opening Hours

Our lives are busy enough so let’s find the right time for you to come in. Concept is all about people. To help us keep on top of the health of your eyes, we’re offering our patients a later appointment on a Thursday. So just relax. Enjoy a cup of coffee, look through our new frame collection and take your time.

Dry Eye Clinic
Exclusive to Tynemouth patients

You can now keep on top of your eye health regime if you suffer from: dryness, itching, crusting or inflammation. You may have blepharitis or ‘dry eye’ disease but there's no need to worry. The good news is that treatment is available through a medical hygiene service by BlephEx to help reduce or alleviate debilitating eye symptoms and eliminate the inflammatory causes to improve the overall health of your eye lid. We are offering this exclusively to our Concept, Tynemouth patients as a single treatment or, for peace of mind, as part of a new eye hygiene care plan.

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Our Exceptional People


Step into the wonderful world of Concept at Tynemouth with Sammy at the helm. She brings a fresh perspective and a heartfelt, creative vitality to our coastal practice. With over 30 years experience in optics, Sammy has her finger on the pulse of what makes a great patient journey. Her coffee’s not bad too.


With sartorial elegance and an inherent sense of old school etiquette – synonymous with our brand, say hello to our new family member – a wise and lovely young chap. Converse with George, a musician, an artist and gauge his passion for all things Concept.


for confident and optimum vision this winter. At Concept we can confidently say, this is a life changing lens for the road and for your every day needs. DriveSafe Zeiss luminance design technology - with added comfort, enhances your vision in low light conditions and can reduce traffic glare by up to 64%. Driving can be stressful at the best of times. Here at Concept with our investment in the latest diagnostic instruments for your eye examination, we firmly believe that good vision is vital for safety. The entire team here have been wearing these lenses since they were introduced and, we recommend DriveSafe lenses to help provide better re-focusing on the road, between your dashboard and mirrors and perception of contrast and colour. These lenses are also brilliant for every day spectacle wearers and is available in both single and progressive lens design. The ultimate lens test drive with Zeiss.

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Eye Hygiene Plan Exclusive to...

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Bespoke Spectacle Styling

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Sunglasses for all Seasons

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On Saturday 7th Dec we will be closing at 1pm.

We reopen Monday 9th December at 10am.