Upgrade how you See with ZEISS Individual Lenses

At Concept, Gosforth High Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, our optometrists provide the latest advanced diagnostic eye examinations and reward our patients with the best lens technology available globally. The Zeiss Individual Lens provides a tailor made solution to meet the complex every day needs for the life you lead.

The focus is to deliver a bespoke vision solution in any situation, designed for your unique physiology, your frame, your face and daily activities. Zeiss Individual comes with Luminance Design® Technology to ensure pupil size optimisation – for the best natural vision day and night because our pupil size changes in different light conditions, Luminance Design® Technology factors this in.

Benefit from

  • Best natural vision tailor-made for your daily activities, day and night.
  • Optimised design for prolonged near vision activities
  • Unlimited frame choice
  • Fast adaptation
  • Strain-free and clear vision for print media and digital device use for the 40+
  • Bespoke measured reading distance +individual wrap angle within the lens design.
  • Fast focus and dynamic vision all day long for every challenge.
  • Built upon IndividualFit and Luminance Design technology
  • Save £200 on bespoke Zeiss i.Scription® lenses for varifocal wearers

A Gift for You

Exclusively at Concept, Gosforth:

FREE i.Scription® ZEISS Individual Lens upgrade to our loyal customers

t&c’s apply.


Valid until March 31st