Why our Eye Care Programme matters to you and your family

At Concept, we believe in not only giving you the best eye examination possible, but using the latest diagnostic instruments available in the UK, we aspire to give the best in preventative care, clinical accuracy and screening for high risk groups. Our eye care programmes are designed for your lifestyle. For us they are underpinned by vision and security for the health of your eyes. But that’s not all….

Our 3 care programmes provide incredible benefits with choice on designer/ luxury frames, sunglasses and Zeiss technology lenses for the spectacle and contact lens wearer. Each programme is designed with you in mind, offering an intelligent, interest-free payment scheme to help you enjoy premier eye care and beautiful eye wear and lenses as often as you like.

We provide you with the attention that your health deserves. With life long care, at Concept, Eye care has never been more clinically excellent, stylish and affordable

We’ve got all your needs covered.